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Rachael is a Senior Lecturer in Advanced Protective Materials where her research to-date has been investigating the effects of extreme conditions (high pressure and high temperature) on systems such as: armour materials, synthesis and biological organisms. The responses of these materials have been investigated both statically and dynamically using various analytical techniques as well as computational modelling. She is a well published researcher in her field, a member of the WEPL (Weapons, Explosives, Protection and Law) research group within Cranfield Forensics Institute part of Cranfield Defence and Security (CDS). She supervisors several research students and collaborates with several defence partners. She is also the Deputy Academic Lead for the Research Community at CDS. She has also vast experience in running experiments at various national and international laboratories.

Current activities

I currently lecture on the response of materials to impact events such as armour materials for vehicle and body armour to several courses on site. I also have an interest in the response of bio materials to impact events such as: tissue analogues, microbes and organic molecules.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Henwood B, Hazael R & Hewins K (2022) Serial number recovery techniques on steel plates; Fry’s reagent and eddy current technology. In: 32nd International Symposium on Ballistics, Reno, Nevada, 9-13 May 2022.