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Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Policy
  • Managing Corporate Sustainability
  • Natural Capital
  • Waste Management and Resource Efficiency


Dr Kenisha Garnett's expertise is in futures analysis, strategic risk assessment, and stakeholder and public engagement. Her current research is developing underpinning robust foresight and futures methodologies that link evidence-based strategic risk with value judgements to assess system resilience and the robustness of policies and approaches for the green economy.

Kenisha has led the development of medium and large-scale scenarios projects and delivered horizon scanning programmes, focused on the long-term sustainability of environment and food systems. She works with organisations to develop strategic visions and roadmaps that identify policy options that work best in a particular (desirable) scenario, and for subsequent use by decision-makers to champion plans for sustainability / innovation. Kenisha's expertise is at the intersection of society and the environment, combining fundamental and applied engineering with social science skills and a sound knowledge of deliberative strategies for stakeholders (including communities) involvement in the development of public policy.

Kenisha has a PhD in Waste Management Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, MA in Social Science Research Methods, MSc(Eng.) in Environmental Engineering and Project Management, and a BEng. in Civil Engineering.

Research opportunities

Long-term sustainability of complex systems (e.g. environment, food, science and technology, defence and security)

Futures, foresight, stakeholder analyses

Emerging issues, trend analyses, tipping points and transformative change

Policy, strategy, organisational resilience.

Current activities

Recent projects

2023 - 2027. Supplier to the Futures Framework Agreement. Department for Science, Innovation and Technology / Go-Science.

2023. Co-Creating Strategy for UK-Thailand Cooperation in Science, Research and Innovation (SRI). National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand.

2022 - 2026. NERC CENTA2 PhD studentship. Early warning system for food supply chain resilience to environmental disruption. Part-funded by UK Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland.

2022 - 2025. Strategic foresight project. UK Government Agency.

2022 - 2025. NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship (job share). Identifying and delivering shared environmental solutions for plantation crops.

2022 - 2023. EU Foresight System for the Environment (FORENV). European Commission (DG Environment).

2022 - 2023. Future infrastructure implications. UK Government Agency.

2021 - 2022. Foresight for the Bio-circular Green Economy. Going Global Partnership Programme. British Council (Thailand).

2019 - 2020. Developing a research agenda on Foresight for Food in Thailand. Food Innopolis. Global Challenges Research Fund QR.

2019 - 2020. Decision tool to assess consequences of decisions implicit in future development plans: case of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc in the UK. Research England SPF.

2019 - 2020. Foresight for food; train the trainers project (Thailand). Food Innopolis. British Council University-Industry Links.



British Council Thailand

Food Innopolis

European Commission (DG Environment)


Food Standards Agency / Food Standards Scotland


European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)


Environment Agency

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Resources Wales

Welsh Government




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