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Dr Bizarri is Reader in Material Science at Cranfield University (UK). He is current head of the Surface Engineering and Precision Centre (SEPC), one of the six centres in the Manufacturing theme of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing and Materials (SATM). Prior to joining Cranfield in 2017, Dr Bizarri was a Staff Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) from 2009-2017. His research, at the confluence of several disciplines: material science, detector physics and instrumentation, promotes a multidisciplinary approach (synthesis, characterization, instrumentation design and modelling) to untangle and engineer the energy transport and conversion processes in materials for applications ranging from medical imaging to energy sectors. He has had the opportunity to participate in, manage and lead large national and international collaborations on the design, development, and engineering of detector materials both in the USA and the UK.


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