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Carla has graduated with honour in Nutritional Biology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2016 and she is also registered as a Biologist in the Italian system. 

In 2020, she obtained her PhD in  Translational Medicine and Food: Innovation, Safety and Management at the University of Foggia while research activities were performed at the Institute of Science of Food Production, National Research Council in Bari. 

During her PhD she had the opportunity to work in the Mycology area with a project about the effect of a possible climate change scenario on the ecophysiological behaviour of Aspergillus carbonarius in the South Italy wine production chain. As a PhD researcher she joined the Applied Mycology Group at Cranfield University in 2018 where she had to opportunity to complete her investigation by performing mycotoxin and molecular analyses. 

Current activities

In 2020, she joined the Applied Mycology Group at Cranfield University where she is currently working as a Research Fellow. 

Her main ongoing project is "NutriNuts - mitigation of aflatoxin occurrence in Ethiopian peanuts used in therapeutic food products to reduce malnutrition in Africa" funded by UKRI. 


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