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Dr Abdou Khouakhi obtained a PhD in coastal hazards and coastal vulnerability. His PhD integrated various remote sensing data and GIS modelling to assess coastal erosion and flood risk and worked with stakeholders to develop measurable coastal sustainability indicators. He then worked as a Postdoctoral research scholar at the IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, The University of Iowa, the USA where he worked on extremes in weather and climate such as extreme sea level/rainfall, temperature, tropical storms and their connection to climate harnessing data science approach and analytics. Before joining Cranfield in 2020, Abdou worked also as a research associate at Loughborough University, UK where he contributed to an EPSRC project on developing a real-time monitoring and early warning system for urban floods and water level monitoring, using a bespoke network of wireless water sensors combined with machine learning.

Current activities

Dr Abdou Khouakhi is a Lecturer in Remote sensing at the Cranfield Environment Centre, School of Water, Energy, and Environment. Abdou's research interests include extreme weather/climate, flood risk, and coastal hazards. More broadly, Abdou has a keen interest in the application of Geospatial Data Science, Earth Observation, and Machine Learning to better understand extreme weather and climate-related events and how their combination contributes to societal and environmental risk.

I welcome discussions with researchers who may wish to collaborate to develop research proposals. I also welcome enquiries from prospective PhD and MSc students.







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