Commercial Visibility at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

If you are a supporter of Symposia at Shrivenham, you will already be aware of the default venue for our events: the Defence Capability Centre (DCC) Conference Hall here at the Defence Academy.

The DCC is now the focal point of the Defence Academy using past and present defence equipment and technologies to deliver education and training to all ranks and grades in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, MOD Civil Service and Defence Industry. As well as hosting Symposia at Shrivenham events the Conference Hall is an increasingly popular venue for MOD and industry open days, briefings and conferences. Some 80,000 people visit the DCC every year.

Very few opportunities exist for you to target and capture an audience at a MOD establishment, particularly one with such diversity as the Defence Academy, as a long term part of your business development strategy. In partnership with the Defence Academy, Symposia at Shrivenham is offering you the opportunity for long-term commercial visibility, renewable every 12 months, on the wall space of the Conference Hall exhibition area.

The process of securing your commercial visibility at the Defence Academy could not be simpler. All we need is your graphic, to be supplied in PDF Format at 300dpi ½ sizes.  If required we can provide you with graphic design and production assistance at an additional modest cost. We will mount and secure your graphic to the wall for you. Various spaces are available of any size from one square metre up to nine square metres. The more squares you book, the more economic your visibility becomes. You are not limited to the shape of your graphic; anything can be negotiated but the mounting system will remain a constant. 

Prices start from as low as £1,000 (+VAT) per annum for this unique opportunity.