The course is addressed to managers that deal with supply networks. Discussing on and using a variety of industry applied soft and hard modelling techniques it develops the critical thinking required for the study of supply related problems in order to enable better informed decision making.

The supply network is a very important competitive factor for any business. Today’s competition is both among companies and on the supply networks. The course introduces supply network modelling frameworks and then gradually develops applied soft and hard modelling techniques that are used in the analysis of supply network decision making. The frameworks along with the soft methods lead to the definition of the problem that is to be further analysed using hard models. Hard models are then gradually discussed, developed and used in problems ranging from small tasks to more complicated problems. The intended learning outcomes of being able to effectively combine the benefits of each approach are further consolidated by the analysis of industry case studies.

At a glance

Course structure

The course runs over five days, from Monday to Friday. We guide learning through lectures, group discussion and industrial case studies.

What you will learn

This course will help people who are part of, or who are building teams for successful supply network management. It is important for the leaders and managers of the future to understand applied approaches to thinking and analysis of supply network problems.

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Critically assess the supply network problem parameters within the overall support problem.
  • Decide on the model development phases.
  • Evaluate the benefits and limitations of the modelling approaches applied in supply network problems.
  • Discriminate the outputs of the models and their applicability to the actual decisions and actions.

Core content

  • Objectives, interventions, controlling factors and stakeholders identification
  • Elicitation of stakeholders’ experience and view
  • Optimization modelling and analysis
  • Trade-offs analysis
  • Cause-effect models and feedback loops analysis
  • Supply networks analysis case studies

Upgrade to a professional qualification

10 credit points

Who should attend

This course is intended for managers and members that are interested in the management of supply networks. It is suitable for people in any industry sector, public or private (e.g. process or manufacturing, transport, utilities, buildings/facilities management, defence, mining, oil & gas etc). Most attendees will have between one and five years in their role and their ambition will be to improve their influence in their employers’ decision making facilitation and value contribution.


Petros Boutselis
Jeremy D Smith
Trevor Ringrose
John Salt
Shaun Forth
Ken Mcnaught


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How to apply

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