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Areas of expertise

  • Operational Analysis and Simulation


Qualifications: MA in Physics, Oxford University.

Current Positions - Head of Centre for Simulation and Analytics, Cranfield Defence and Security at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

                            -  Director of Consultancy, CDS

Example Consultancy:

Consultancy and analysis contracts include: 

  • Wargame Player Behaviours Feb 21
  • Influence Wargaming ASC 2021
  • Influence Factors Modelling DASA Mar 21
  • Dismounted Dispersed Operations Analysis Mar 21

• Royal Tank Regiment Wargaming Project March 20

• Strike Bde Wargaming Support Jan 20

•  ADAIR Wargaming Nov 19

• Space Wargame Development July 19

• RCAT Analysis Support to C2 Resilience June 19 

• Air Wargame COTS Review Jan 19

• RCAT Analysis support to Strike Bde Jan 18, Sept 18, Jan 19

• RCAT Application to Royal Air Force Concepts, August-December 2017

• RCAT Application to Planned Force Testing, August-October 2017

• RCAT application to Planned Force Testing, Oct 2016

• Low Cost Utility Weapon Analysis Oct 2015-Apr 2016

• Rapid Campaign Analysis Wargame V&V Apr 2015-16

• 3 UK Div Wargame application, October 2015

• Conceptual Force Development Wargaming Analysis, Oct 2015

• Rapid Campaign Analysis Wargame development Mar 2014-Mar 2015

• 3 UK Div Wargame application, September/ October 2014

• Conceptual Force Development Wargaming Analysis, Aug-Dec 2014

• Air Force Protection Evaluation, Feb 2014

• Maritime Underwater Future Capability Review, Jan 2014

• Rapid Campaign Analysis Wargame application to Future Force Studies, Jan 2013, June 2013, Jan 2014

• Rapid Campaign Analysis Wargame – development of wargame system for Dstl Mar-Aug 2012

• Reducing the Burden on the Dismounted Soldier Task 2 Weapons. Dec 2009 – 2011. Leadership and technical management of contract team in identifying most promising technology options to reduce weight in dismounted solder weapon systems and developing and trialling demonstrator concepts.

• Future Dismounted Close Combat Research, Lethality Domain, Subcontract from MoD through SEA from 2007-2011. Leadership of contract team including technical and project management.  Weapon system lethality research and analysis.

• Technologies for Future Weapon Systems for MBDA in 2005

• Technology Investment Analysis for BAESYSTEMS in 2002/3

Current activities

Responsible for developing and delivering lectures to a broad range of courses from full time MSc to short courses on and off site. Scholarship  and consultancy in wargaming, systems engineering, weapon system and vehicle assessment,  acquisition, training needs analysis, human factors and operational analysis. Consultancy experience across the complete project lifecycle from analysis and evaluation, planning and implementation and delivery.

Management of Wargaming & Combat Modelling, Weapon Assessment, Systems Engineering Simulation and Modelling, Management Science and Defence Simulation courses (at MSc level). 

Project and case studies for defence Acquisition Employment training (systems engineering including context analysis, requirements generation, stakeholder analysis, options evaluation techniques, bid assessment and generation).   

Teaching experience with lecture, workshop and project supervision with military officers and civilian staff from Major level.

Regular interaction with senior MoD staff at Shrivenham including 1* level. 


  • Dstl
  • BAESystems
  • British Army
  • Royal Air Force
  • Qinetiq
  • Thales
  • Lockheed Martin
  • SEA Ltd
  • Roke Manor Research Ltd
  • Analysis Essentials


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


  • Smith JD & Salt J (2018) Chapter 14: Decision support in defence logistics. In: Defence Logistics: Enabling and Sustaining Successful Military Operations, London, UK: Kogan Page, p. 286-323.