This course is specifically designed for those coming to study here at Shrivenham, particularly after a long break from academic studies. By taking this course, you will be able to refresh your knowledge and skills which will prepare you for an MSc.The programme includes two social or cultural visits.

At a glance

  • Dates
    • Please enquire for course dates
  • DurationTen days
  • LocationOnline
  • Cost£1,700.

Course structure

A ten day with a mixture of lectures, practical exercises, diagnostics tests and the use of the virtual learning environment.

Core content

  • To provide opportunities to review a selection of topics from mathematics and engineering
  • To introduce the learners to some software tools in support of their learning
  • Algebra Refresher
  • Review of algebraic simplification; Logarithms; Solution of quadratic and cubic equations; Partial fractions; Complex numbers (Optional).
  • Calculus Refresher
  • Derivatives of basic functions; Higher derivatives; Product rule, quotient rule and chain rule; Implicit differentiation; Differentiating functions that are defined parametrically; Maxima and minima; Applications of differentiation; Integrals of basic functions; Evaluating definite integrals; Integration by parts; Integration by substitution; Integration using partial fractions; Integration using trigonometric identities; Miscellaneous exercises.
  • Review of Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Review of Electrical Communications
  • Introduction to MATLAB – Basic; Matrix algebra; Plot functions – 2D and 3D; Writing a simple user-defined function; Simple numerical tasks – zeros of a function, definite integrals; Generating reports
  • Introduction to Geogebra – define functions; interactive graphs; simple use of  Computer-Aided Algebra System 
  • Tips on Academic Writing; Bibliographic citation tools

Who should attend

Suitable for all applicants who hold offers for MSc's in Science or Technology based capabilities.


How to apply

To apply for this course please use the online application form.

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