Integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) is the transformation of system data on a complex vehicle or system (such as a luxury car or a commercial airplane) into information to support operational decisions and optimise maintenance. IVHM is a capability, comprising a number of technologies that can be used across a number of sectors for business benefit. Read more Read less

IVHM is becoming increasingly important as OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) move from the traditional sale of a product, in which future income is dependent on spare part revenue, to selling a service in which steady monthly income can be derived in return for the effective maintenance of the asset. IVHM enables this transformation.

The IVHM Centre delivers generic IVHM solutions from our research. We support commercialisation, reducing time to market and combine technology, business and technology transfer solutions.

We have a robust innovation cycle and applied research demonstrators with access to a world class IVHM community and new market opportunities which influence development of industry standards and policies.

Our facilities

We have several facilities available including:

  • UAV fuel rig with five degradation faults;
  • Machine fault simulator, for rotating machinery faults;
  • Environmental chamber;
  • Fibre-optic strain gauging (SME demo);
  • Offset gear rig;
  • Helicopter rotor balance rig.