It is my pleasure to introduce our Design programme and showcase some of our accomplishments over the past decade. Please do take the time to view some of the case studies, stories, and alumni links that we have to share with you. We hope this will give you a clear overview of the breadth and quality of R&D outputs we have accomplished from our students, research community, and our collective vision for the future. If you have an ambition to study on the Design Programme and be part of a multidisciplinary design team, then I would strongly recommend reaching out.

Our philosophy: This Design Programme has been carefully designed to advance your knowledge of Design Thinking, working with confidence to generate convincing ideas, provide you with the opportunity to apply Design Thinking in practice with a company, improve your opportunity of job success, through the building of your professional skills and innovation design portfolio, and provide you with the ‘know how’ to develop your long term career as a creative professional.

Design Programme Director
Paul Lighterness