The Life Assessment Group research team carries out research into understanding the chemistry and thermal decomposition chemistry of energetic materials. The main research focus is the thermo-chemical and mechanical characterisation of energetic materials to populate, or validate, materials and physical/chemical ageing models.

One of our main research areas is understanding the life-limiting factors of nitrocellulose and nitrocellulose base propellants/explosives, but our research covers all aspects of life assessment of energetic materials.

Recent research has focused on the non-destructing characterisation of damage in polymer bonded explosives from gun-launched applications.

We support the Vulnerability Group with an ISO 9001 certified laboratory for the chemical and thermal characterisation, chemical stability, and chemical compatibility of energetic materials.

A growing area of research is the environmental science of explosives, understanding their fate and transport during their life cycle, and remediation techniques of contaminated manufacturing and training areas.