The world is undergoing significant economic, demographic and apparently man-made climatic changes, which require a substantial improvement in the cost effectiveness and environmental impact of most transport modes, including aircraft.

Such a step change necessitates a significant advancement and integration of the aircraft product development processes in order to deliver new configurations which accommodate the conflicting requirements of all stakeholders. Solving these problems requires a multidisciplinary approach to design, which is the focus of the Advanced Engineering Design Group, led by Professor Marin Guenov.

Supporting your business

As part of the Advanced Aerospace Engineering Department, we engage with business through building strategic longer-term relationships which are based on trust. For example, we have partnered with major European aircraft and engine manufacturers to research MDO applications on consecutive EC frameworks with our relationship spanning over a decade.

We consult clients on aerospace design, processes and acquisition. Our clients range from international commercial organisations, to UK and overseas government departments.

Our facilities and resources

The Advanced Engineering Design Group is conducting internationally leading research in advanced methods and tools for:

  • Design and optimisation of novel air vehicle configurations;
  • Integrated product development with emphasis on Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimisation (MDO), including robust design and optimisation;
  • Set-based, model-based, interactive, distributed and collaborative design methods and tools.

Our clients

Our research work involves partnerships with leading aerospace organisations such as:

  • Airbus, AIG and Rolls-Royce (UK) on set-based design methods and tools and conceptual optimisation of novel aircraft configurations;
  • NLR (Netherlands), DLR (Germany) and Airbus-UK on wing MDO;
  • AIG, Airbus, Rolls-Royce (Germany), Dassault Systemes (France), Siemens and Eurostep (Sweden) on collaborative design models and processes;
  • BAE SYSTEMS on Systems Engineering.