AVEC's research relating to hydrogen (H2) and sustainable transport fuels (STF) covers the use of these energy carriers:

  • H2 in fuel-cells and as a fossil-fuel replacement in internal combustion engines, and 
  • STF as a fossil-fuel replacement in internal combustion engines

Both areas of research connect to other related research activity across Cranfield in the production of H2 and STF, the distribution and environmental economics of both energy carriers.

AVEC also run a fuel-cell single-decker bus for research purposes. 

A hydrogen refuelling facility for R&D vehicles and external clients is currently being planned. This work is onging in conjunction with the Cranfield hydrogen aerospace research projects, including Cranfield Aerospace Solution's project FRESSON.

For more information about any H2 or STF research at Cranfield, please contact one of the AVEC team shown here.