The Entrepreneur Alumni of the Year Award: Celebrating outstanding entrepreneurial success.

The Entrepreneur Alumni of the Year Award recognises alumni who have achieved outstanding entrepreneurial success while upholding the highest standards of business practice. This award acknowledges the importance placed on entrepreneurship teaching, research and practice at the School.

Alumni who have won this award will:

  • Have sustained professional achievement at the highest levels.
  • Sustained high level of business performance over a period of 3-5 years with firm growth and value creation.
    • Solvency and profitability of company.
    • Profitability of the business model, or in the case of social enterprises, a self-sustaining business practice.
    • Contribution to the economy and society, including job creation and exports.
  • Demonstrates ethical conduct/standards of business practice.
  • Have had a demonstrable impact on the market and the consumer.
  • Be committed to innovation.
  • Be regarded as a role model for entrepreneurship.
  • Have international reach, influence or impact.

Meet the 2021 Entrepreneur Alumna of the Year

Lolade Oresanwo (MBA 2011)

Co-founder, WestAfricaENRG

Lolade Oresanwo (MBA 2011) Entrepreneur Alumna of the Year 2021Lolade Oresanwo started her career in commercial banking, providing financing and business development advice to SMEs and large corporates in the oil, gas and retail sectors in Nigeria - building credibility with clients on mergers and acquisition transactions/negotiations, Business Development and Renewable Energy Sales.

She is currently the business face and co-founder of WestAfricaENRG - a renewable energy company focused on ensuring ‘Zero Waste’ to landfill in the communities they work in. For over 8 years, treating waste in a sustainable manner, creating long-term jobs, empowering women and eradicating poverty through sustainable waste management and renewable energy has been Lolade and the company’s focus. WestAfricaENRG now operates the first materials recovery facility in Nigeria, deploying technology to recycle waste into reusable materials for electricity production and composting by driving every stage of the waste management value chain providing employment for over 3000 people.

A recent recipient of the Outstanding Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs’ award, and with WestAfricaENRG recognised by the UK Prime Minister at the 2020 UK Africa Investment Summit as being a company to look out for; Lolade is very focused on developing people and empowering women in all categories of life.

Lolade also works with South West Nigeria state governments in preparing solid waste infrastructure master plans for their states. She was a member of the Lagos state 2019 transition committee, sitting on the Health and Environment sub-committee that designed the Health and Environment infrastructure plan for Lagos state, Nigeria.

Meet the 2020 Entrepreneur Alumnus of the Year

Eyal Ben-Cohen (MBA 2004)

Founder & CEO, Verifile Holdings Limited

In 2003, the story of a security driver who faked his identity to gain employment before committing a robbery sparked my interest in the dangers of lax recruitment processes. Consequently, I founded Verifile, a technology-led background screening company, applying investigative rigour to quality data sourced from around the world within a proprietary, highly secure platform.

Having previously worked in the innovative Israeli internet industry, Cranfield is where my Verifile journey began in earnest. With the support of my lecturers and fellow students, a business plan began to take shape as I worked towards my MBA. It’s a place that provided me with access to everything an aspiring entrepreneur could hope for, including a strong network, client introductions, investment capital, research resources, and an office.

Sixteen years on, and with Verifile having just received a Queen’s Award for International Trade, I’m still passionate about creating transparency within a workforce and understanding how technology can help achieve this – and I’m still incredibly proud to be a Cranfield alumnus.

Getting to know you with Eyal Ben-Cohen

Eyal Ben-Cohen answers questions from staff and students.

Quick questions

Eyal Ben-Cohen answers some quick questions.

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