The Cranfield Manufacturing and Materials Alumni Awards recognise the special achievements and contributions of alumni while providing Cranfield with an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate those in the manufacturing sector who exemplify the values of the University. Alumni awards also allow us to showcase the impact of Cranfield globally and highlight the accomplishments of individuals who may serve as role models to other alumni, students, and potential students.  

Celebrate your rising stars, innovators, and role models

Do you know someone who has made outstanding progress in their career? Has someone in your network led the way with research or innovative thinking that has had a significant impact on their industry? Does a fellow alumnus/a spring to mind whose success can inspire others? Help us to celebrate the exceptional achievements, innovations, and accomplishments demonstrated by our alumni community.

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More information on the selection criteria, eligibility, the nominations process, and the selection process can be found below.

How to nominate and top tips to make your nominee stand out

  1. Review the award criteria for the manufacturing alumni awards.
  2. Think about who you know who meets the criteria and decide on your nominee.
  3. Complete the online nomination form details, telling us about yourself and your nominee.
  4. Write your nomination statement and ensure it is no longer than 800 words and contains enough evidence to support your nominations.
  5. Hit submit.

Top nomination tips - how to make your nominee stand out

We know our alumni are achieving some amazing things and we can't wait to be inspired with this year's stories. Each year we receives lots of nominations, and that's a lot of stories to read, so we've pulled together our top do's and don'ts.

  • DO - Think about how your nominee matches the award criteria and tell us about those aspects. Be sure to give us context and benchmark your nominee's achievements. 
  • DO - Make sure your nomination statement hits a balance – not so long that we get lost in the detail, but long enough to address all parts of the nomination criteria.
  • DO - Give us evidence and examples, and put them in context - you can include links to websites or articles in your nomination if relevant. 
  • DON'T - Don’t cut and paste your nominee’s CV or LinkedIn profile into the statement box - this rarely provides enough evidence and we don't need to know their every career move since leaving Cranfield.
  • DON'T - Please don’t use acronyms or technical jargon without explaining them. Our Selection Panel brings together alumni, Cranfield staff, and faculty, however, there maybe some non-technical selection panel members so please don't assume that we’re experts in all areas of the industry, or have specific scientific or engineering knowledge. 

If you have any questions, please email us and we will be happy to help.

Criteria for the Distinguished Manufacturing and Materials Alumni Award

The Distinguished Manufacturing and Materials Alumni Award is Cranfield Manufacturing and Material’s highest honour. It recognises those individuals who have achieved significant success within their industry and sector while upholding the highest standards in industry practice. In selecting the Distinguished Manufacturing and Materials Alumni Award winner, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Sustained professional achievement at the highest levels, preferably extending into the year of selection. Professional achievement may be viewed in terms of:
    • Technology/engineering leadership.
    • Achieving transformational change in an organisation.
    • Significant and successful project management.
    • Contribution to company profitability, job creation and other factors.
  • Significant impact on their industry and sector, beyond their own role and organisation.
  • International visibility: influence/experience working across different geographic regions.
  • Regarded as a role model for leadership.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Sustainability: reducing the negative impact of manufacturing on the environment.
  • Other awards and recognitions.
  • Previous relationship with Cranfield or benefit of a potential relationship with Cranfield in the future.

Criteria for the Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Manufacturing and Materials Graduates

The Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Manufacturing and Materials Graduates recognises those who have made significant progress in their careers within ten years of graduating from Cranfield. This award recognises those who have the potential to reach the highest levels of success in the future.

In selecting recipients of the Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Manufacturing and Materials Graduates, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Technological/engineering leadership.
  • National visibility.
  • Early career impact on sector/industry.
  • Demonstrable achievement beyond individual position and company.
  • International experience and impact.
  • Role model behaviours/highest standards of industry practice.
  • Relationship with Cranfield since graduation or potential benefit of a future relationship.

Nomination process

The Alumni Relations and Development Office shall seek nominations for each award via the alumni portal, eNewsletters, social media sites, and through specially targeted messages to alumni, faculty, staff, and students. The closing date for nominations will be indicated and no nominations will be considered after this time.

  • The nominator must be an alumnus/a, current or former member of Cranfield Manufacturing staff, current student, member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Education Programmes, member of the Cranfield Manufacturing Council, a Visiting Professor or Fellow, or Honorary Degree recipient.
  • If the nominator is from the same organisation as the nominee, a seconder from another organisation must support (a letter to support the nomination would be enough) the nomination as well.
  • The nominator must complete the appropriate nomination form which will be available online from the Alumni Relations and Development Office.
  • The nominator must provide a statement of no more than 800 words describing the achievements and contributions that make the nominee worthy of the award. These statements should refer directly to the specific criteria for each award.
  • All nominations will be treated as confidential.


Nominees must be an alumnus/a of Cranfield University, covering any Masters, PhD, Fellowship Programme and professional and executive development programmes in manufacturing and materials.

Members of the selection panel and members of the Cranfield Manufacturing Council will not be eligible for an award whilst serving on the panel or Council. Honorary graduates will also not be eligible for an award unless they are also a graduate alumnus of the University.

Selection process

Nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Excellence in Achievement Award will be sent to the Screening Panel as part of the first stage. The Screening Panel may consist of the Director of Manufacturing Theme, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, a member of Alumni Relations and Development office, and/or others. Successful nomination will be presented to the Selection Panel. 

The Chairperson of the Cranfield Manufacturing Council will chair the Selection Panel and will consult with the Council members who will serve as representatives of the entire alumni community to ensure that broader alumni viewpoints are taken in to consideration.

The Selection Panel will reach agreement on the winners in each of the categories and award recipients will be notified.  The Alumni Relations and Development Office will notify all nominators as to whether their nominee has been selected to receive an award. The winners will be invited to an event to receive their award.

The selection process is confidential and the decisions of the Selection Panel are final.  All unsuccessful nominations can be resubmitted for consideration in future years.

The Selection Panel may introduce other categories of award.

If there are no nominees considered of sufficient merit in any or all of the categories in any year, the Selection Panel may choose not to make an award.

In the event of a successful nominee declining to accept the award in person at the event, the Selection Panel may choose, but is not obliged, to offer a further award.