Have you ever wondered how much damage would have been caused if the gun powder plot hadn't failed, or what makes the different colours and effects in fireworks? Or perhaps you're curious to learn more about how, and where, pyrotechnics are used in everyday life.

In this episode of Alumni Matters, Cranfield's Dr Lisa Humphreys chats about this and more. Listen below, or download it, to discover the science behind bonfire night and the gun powder plot. And if you enjoyed this podcast please share it on your social media channels.

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Dr Lisa Humphreys bio and contact details

Dr Lisa Humphreys, Research Fellow – Formulation Chemist at Cranfield Defence and Security 

Dr Lisa HumphreysLisa graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a MSc in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry in 2011. In 2015 she obtained her PhD entitled 'Mixing and Characterisation of Multi-Component Materials for Pyrotechnic Applications' from the University of Southampton.

Lisa joined Cranfield in 2015 as a member of the formulations team tasked with developing and determining safety and performance characteristics of novel explosive formulations.

Now she is committed to delivering both high quality education and research in high explosives and pyrotechnics. She lectures on several award bearing courses and co-module manages the Pyrotechnics module on the Explosive Ordnance Engineering (EOE) MSc. With a passion for public engagement and outreach she is part of the Public Engagement Working Group at Cranfield. This allows her to encourage and support staff and students to participate in events that promote their research whilst simultaneously creating the opportunity to enable the public to recognise their contributions. 

Lisa's academic profile, clients, and contact details can be found on the Cranfield website.