Our capability is focused on corporate responsibility, sustainability and the role of business in society. Our purpose is to enable academic research in these areas and provide today’s managers with the knowledge, vision and scope to adopt a fully sustainable approach to business activities.

We undertake our own research and also collaborate with industry, third sector and policy partners to create new knowledge. Our research is conducted close to relevant context - whether it be in a practice, third sector or policy domain - to ensure relevancy. 

We focus on management and organisational issues associated with embedding corporate responsibility and sustainability. In doing so we feel the study and practice of corporate responsibility and sustainability needs to be multi-disciplinary, and we promote a holistic approach to the subject.

We will work intimately with our partners and clients to obtain deep understanding of challenging practical issues and co-create solutions for managers.

Working with us

Cranfield University prides itself on creating knowledge and translating it into action. The Doughty Centre fully endorses this link between academia and industry, with a specific focus on the practical application of the knowledge we create and teach. By engaging in application of knowledge we gain further insights into topical challenges and opportunities, which is fed back into our teaching and research.

We aim to support you on your journey of development through the complexities of corporate responsibility. The Centre is there for guidance and adopts an advisory approach in helping its partners and stakeholders. Our aim is to offer you - as a student or executive - the opportunity to obtain the knowledge, tools and inspiration you need to take a fully sustainable and responsible approach to management and business practices.

The Doughty Centre has a wide-range of supporting material and advisors available to help and support you with your adoption of a sustainable and responsible approach to business. We offer advise with the opportunity to gain exposure to our team of experts who will guide you through a particular project in conjunction with your management team.