Travel plan

In 2020, the University set an ambitious new target to reduce single car commuting to campus by 50% by 2030. The sustainable commuting target continues to focus on promoting alternatives to the car. Walking, cycling and bus are the main options as set out in the University 'Travel Plan'.

With investment into bus services, cycling facilities, car sharing support and new cycle/walking pathways from the village to campus, single car occupancy commuting has reduced significantly. You can see the latest progress in the annual environment reports Environmental policy and governance.

We have now published the 2018-23 travel plan, built using the data taken from the travel survey we conducted in April 2018.

New UNO buses
Cranfield's UNO buses serve Milton Keynes, Bedford and Cranfield campus

UNO bus service at Cranfield

We subsidise the Cranfield Connect bus service which runs between Bedford and Milton Keynes via the campus and local villages. This service can be used by members of the public as well as staff, students and visitors.

Cycling at Cranfield

Cycle parking and storage

Cycle hoops and shelters are available throughout Cranfield campus. Bicycle lockers are also available near the sports hall which provide extra security.

All cyclists who are parking their bicycle on campus need to register with security.

Cycle paths and routes

We now have two cycle paths which connect both the north and south side of the campus to Cranfield Village. The north cycle path route bypasses Crawley Road, whilst the south cycle path connects the campus from near Martell House to the village. Using the routes, it is an approximately 10-15 minute cycle ride or a 20-30 minute walk from the campus to the village.

Download a map of Cranfield cycle routes 

Did you know the campus links to National Cycle Route No.51? Sustrans hold a library of national cycle routes around the UK. Visit the Sustrans website for more information.

Bicycle sales and repairs

'Cycle Saviours' (based in Milton Keynes) will visit campus on a regular basis to carry out repair works and sales of bicycles. It is recommended you contact the charity before you visit. Keep an eye out on the intranet for announcements relating to these events.

You can also find out more on Facebook.

You will also find a bicycle repair stand in the CSA recycling centre for all basic repair needs (find this behind the CSA, opposite the Vincent building).

Car sharing

We have allocated car sharing spaces on campus located in central locations. Car share parking permits are available to staff and students who share a car journey onto campus. To find a partner to car share with, for regular or one off journeys, please use the portal.