“By Transport Systems we mean the vehicles, infrastructure, people and logistics involved in moving people or goods from one location to another.

“Effective transportation systems need to operate within the constraints of their physical, human, economic, political and social environments, to deliver a service that is affordable, safe and sustainable.

“In an increasingly global society, transport has to evolve if it is to cope with congestion, changing consumer demands and the need to reduce its impact on the environment. This creates myriad exciting challenges for researchers and postgraduate students alike to work on at Cranfield.

“Whether we are assisting airlines and airports to deliver value in a highly competitive market, helping the helicopter industry to improve safety, creating the motorsport engineers of the future or developing new sensor technologies, Cranfield is at the forefront of the world of transport systems, working closely with industrial partners to deliver intelligent and connected mobility, across the globe.”

Professor Graham Braithwaite