Cranfield has been providing teaching, research and consultancy in the area of agrifood for more than 50 years.

If you are passionate about food and interested in any of the following areas, you have found the right university to develop your postgraduate studies:

  • Food systems;
  • Food security;
  • Food safety;
  • Food sustainability;
  • Food logistics;
  • Food management;
  • Food analysis;
  • Food economics;
  • Nutritional quality;
  • Sustainable production;
  • Food and climate change;
  • Bioinformatic tools;
  • Data visualisation tools;
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS);
  • 3rd Generation Sequencing (3GS) technologies;
  • Web technologies.

With 94% of graduates* finding a job before the end of the programme or less than six months after graduation, joining one of our courses at Cranfield may be a life changing experience that will boost your chances of succeeding in your future career in the fast-pace ever-changing agrifood sector.

*(based on those for whom we hold data. Source: DLHE 2017 Collections).


Our Careers Service plays a pivotal networking role across the University, working closely with students, staff and potential employers to enhance student employability skills and their career opportunities. We also offer our alumni a lifelong continuation service for their career development.

Learn more about career opportunities on our Agrifood Careers page.

Why study Agrifood with us

  • Cranfield University is the only solely postgraduate university in the UK, which means that every single lecture and practical session is specifically tailored and designed at MSc level and is not an extension of previous material taught in undergraduate degrees.
  • Our courses and assessment methods are specifically developed to solve real industrial problems. You will work under industrial work environments in teams for your Group Projects and develop solutions to real world problems in your MSc thesis.
  • You will be taught in collaboration with industry. We offer a week of teaching that is delivered by industrial speakers in an industrial environment in London.
  • Our courses are informed by our Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) and regularly change to adapt to industrial needs.
  • Our courses are unique providing our students with top teaching in areas including technology and management.