We establish long-term, durable relationships with our clients, aimed at creating a professional collaborative environment, based on trust and the free exchange of information, subject to necessary confidentiality and other agreements. We respect the need for the close management of intellectual property and process data, and only use the shared information where all parties are in full agreement.

These relationships often extend from research collaboration, to supporting exploitation and co-operation in developing new master's level teaching activities and bespoke training to benefit the industry concerned.

Our established clients, whether industry or research based, are also our primary research partners in collaborative research projects. We also work with many other research and university partners from around the world, with the aim of helping to build effective teams to deliver the required outputs and ensure effective technology transfer. We participate in many UK/EU industry and research networks and technology groupings, such as the UK CCS Research Centre, Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum, SupergenWinf, SupergenMarine, and Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative. We interact regularly with UK Government and EU Commission officials to ensure we are well-informed.