Our clients and partners value our multi-disciplinary approach. We bring together aeronautical engineering, materials and manufacturing with expertise in aviation business processes, practices and management.

Businesses choose to work with us because of our deep knowledge and outstanding reputation in aerospace. Combined with our industrial-sized test facilities and professional contract management ability, we can deliver unrivalled solutions for our clients.

We undertake fundamental and applied research across a range of aerospace applications to provide reliable evidence to reduce commercial, technical and environmental risks. We have expertise in areas including:

  • Training programmes (bespoke and open courses)
  • Consultancy
  • Desktop studies
  • Large-scale testing
  • Independent standards and design guidance
  • Feasibility studies
  • Human skills capture and automation
  • Novel propulsion and power systems
  • Development and optimisation of new systems and technology including building prototypes and modelling synthetic environments
  • Through-life engineering
  • Airline fleet management
  • Consortium development and partnering.
Collin Sirret

The type of relationship we have with Cranfield is one that's born over a number of years and that engenders a level of trust and shared knowledge. It also allows us to plan strategically for the future. So Cranfield is a long-term partner for us.

Colin Sirret, Head of Research and Technology UK