• Job title Soil Scientist
  • Organisation Wardell Armstrong
  • CourseLand Reclamation and Restoration MSc, 2013 , 2013

Why did you choose Cranfield?

My BSc in Environmental Geoscience had given me a relatively broad knowledge of the earth sciences, however I wanted to specialise more in the soil science sector. I was very conscious that I wanted to gain an understanding about how it could be applied practically within different disciplines and sectors in industry, and I also didn’t want to lose any technical aspects. Cranfield’s MSc in Land Reclamation and Restoration covered all the areas that I was worrying about as it allowed me to not just practically understand soil science, but also allowed me to apply it to different disciplines using actual industry projects. Furthermore, Cranfield’s reputation for the applied sciences assured me that I would be getting the best teachning for my chosen career path.

What was Cranfield's impact?

Cranfield gave me both knowledge and practical experience through the taught modules, industrial project and an industry sponsored thesis. My industry project was with the Coal Authority which gave me an invaluable insight into how I could fit, and what was required to fit into an environmental company. It also highlighted the sector which I wanted to take my career path down; mining. My thesis project was sponsored by Waitrose, and really allowed me to develop my technical skills. Consequently, I managed to secure myself a job in a mining consultancy as a soil scientist, two months before I finished my MSc.