• Job title Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate - Electronic Product Development Engineer
  • Organisation Loughborough University
  • CourseAutomotive Mechatronics MSc , 2015

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I studied Instrumentation Engineering for my Bachelors and was introduced to mechatronics during the course. I found it deeply interesting and had wanted to study it further. Cranfield offered an excellent course with a very well defined structure and opportunities of industrial projects and interface with notable people from the industry.

Has your course led to any particularly interesting activities?

The course at Cranfield developed my skills and helped me gain a lot of confidence. Due to this, I was able to get a Knowledge Transfer Partnership position which is an excellent opportunity for any fresh graduate.

What was Cranfield's impact

I am a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate with Loughborough University for electronic product development. The main goal is the development of wireless sensors. The best part about the project is that, as the associate, I am solely responsible for the job and I get to experience all the phases of the project with excellent guidance and supervision from the employers.

Has your Cranfield degree helped gain employment?

The course and opportunities at Cranfield provided me with a platform to learn and use my skills. This has given me immense confidence.

What aspect of your course did you find most useful, inspiring or enjoyable?

Learning control systems and mechatronics concepts, related assignments, the group project and individual thesis.

Do you have any advice for students considering postgraduate study?

Cranfield has a good course and a very knowledgeable and supportive faculty. Make the best use of it!

2. How did the environment, culture and community at Cranfield support you during your studies? And since graduating?

The library and the laboratories are well equipped and always available for the students.