• CourseLogistics and Supply Chain Management MSc , 2017

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I have to confess that Cranfield is my dream school. There is no doubt that Cranfield has a great reputation in Europe. When I went to speak to my Overseas Agent, they recommended Cranfield to me straight away. They ensured me that I would receive the offer from Cranfield soon. So I applied and Cranfield was the first university to come back to me with feedback. Lucky me!

I also asked some of my friends that live in the UK and the USA if they had heard of Cranfield, their feedback was very positive and they highly recommended the university to me.  I also found that the course arrangement in Cranfield exactly matches my expectations. It incorporates procurement, six sigma, supply chain sustainability and strategy. Another reason I choose Cranfield was because the comments of Cranfield School of Management are extremely positive. 

What was Cranfield's impact

Before I came, I planned to go back to my ex-company after graduation. Now, after completing my studies I would like to work in consulting or the retail industry because Cranfield indeed has broadened my horizons after attending different recruitment presentations hosted by the careers service.  Luckily, I found more things I would like to try.

I think studying the Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc programme at Cranfield will help me to obtain knowledge of the whole supply chain and I will benefit from it as it will expand my knowledge and experience. I will have a chance to touch/have a basic concept of all the areas involved in the logistics business, not just limited in freight forwarding, but related business topics, such as accounting, data statistics and procurement. It will expand my horizons in manufacturing, in merchandising and inventory etc.