• Job title Senior Formulation Chemist
  • Organisation Sugru

What was Cranfield's impact

I’m working as a senior formulation chemist in a company called Sugru, it’s based in London at Hackney, and we’re making a unique product, a mouldable glue.

The things that I learned from my PhD was mainly research experience, how to work in the lab, all these things are applied also in my job as a formulation chemist. So the company doesn't need to send me to any training or they don’t need to hire extra consultancy, so it’s quite good.

If someone wants to do a PhD here at Cranfield, I would tell him or her that she or he should be very determined. It takes three years and they have to find like the best topic that they are interested in.

What I loved while I was doing my PhD here, was all the facilities that this campus has. From a glass maker to workshops it also has really good mess facility and sport associations.

While I was doing my studies I was very involved with the student association, I was trying to always encourage students to do outdoors activities that the CSA was organising in order to not only to be focused on the work you’re doing but to also to have a nice atmosphere outside the work. I’m very honoured as I won the Cranfield student association prize.