• Job title Commercial Operations & Partnerships Manager
  • Organisation British Airways
  • CourseAir Transport Management MSc , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

Before successfully making my way over to the UK, I studied Aviation Engineering in Amsterdam. After finishing the engineering degree, I took on a challenging job in a research facility partially funded by Boeing. However, at the time, it was already clear to me that I would aspire for a more commercially focused career.

After finishing my engineering undergraduate, I wanted to broaden my view of the industry through a more commercially focused degree. Both the international profile of Cranfield University and the very practical approach sparked my interest as I didn’t want to undertake another four years of extensive academic based studies.

One of the key aspects of Cranfield University is the strong link with the industry. Together, with the finely balanced academic portion of the course, it makes for a very interesting and lively mix. The industry guest speakers are very approachable and often bring decades worth of experience in to a lecture. To be able to learn about the airline industry from a few of the top businessmen out there, was truly a priceless experience.

What was Cranfield's impact

My course has enabled me to join one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, in an exciting and ever changing environmet. Cranfield, having the international setting that it has, really prepared me well for a job in a ever changing, high-pace environment.

Currently, I am fulfilling the role of Pricing Analyst within the Revenue Management Department of Qatar Airways. Within this role, I have the responsibility to ensure correct pricing of airline fares and to secure overall competitiveness whilst keeping a strong focus on revenue targets. I am in touch with local teams across the world in order to identify new business opportunities and monitor competitor movements on a daily basis.

Qatar airways has very strong ties with Cranfield University, as numerous alumni either are or have worked for the airline. In my day-to-day business, I have already encountered several alumni both in the Head Office. Having a similar background is a great way to further expand you network and it helped greatly to be able to quickly grasp the various aspects of the airline business.

Cranfield enabled me to fully dive in to the commercial airline industry with both academic research and industry professionals by my side. Combined with the international setting of the university - I had classmates from over 25 Countries! Going to Cranfield really was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And it was worth every, single, penny.