• Job title Engineering Graduate
  • Organisation The London Taxi Company
  • CourseAutomotive Mechatronics MSc , 2015

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I always loved cars and I wanted to work in this field. I really like new technologies related to safety and the environment. The Automotive Mechatronics MSc was the perfect MSc to learn about all of them.  I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus at Cranfield University, leading to a double degree with the University of Liege. This gave me the opportunity to study automotive engineering, improve my English and have two degrees.

Cranfield University is well-recognised in the industry. The Automotive Mechatronics MSc helps me on a daily basis. Indeed, I learned the systems that compose a vehicle but also hybrid/electric technologies, which is directly related to my company's work since we are building a hybrid taxi. 

The most challenging aspect of this MSc is the group project. Indeed, this project lasts several months and is with six other students, the time and management skills are critical. It really taught me how a project should be handled, from all the management and market studies until the last technical calculations. The best thing is that this project is marked by an academic and industrial panel. It really prepared me for the professional world but the group project is not only about work. It created a special bond between the other students and me and we had really nice moments together.

What was Cranfield's impact

Thanks to this MSc, I found a job in the United Kingdom, at The London Taxi Company. I do not think I would have been able to find a job in the automotive industry without this MSc. Moreover, I am currently writing a scientific paper about my thesis subject.

I am part of a graduate scheme so I am rotating in the company, discovering different engineering roles and how the different departments work. I am currently working in the body and trim department. My main responsibilities are to create technical reports that have to be completed by the engineers. My job is to be sure that they are completed and finished on time. I work with the design engineers and the programme management. I also worked on the prototypes, learning how to build the vehicles and what the issues are on a daily basis. I really love this job since I am moving around a lot in the company. I have weekly meetings to report on the progress of the project and meetings with suppliers. I have to be really flexible, be ready to move and discover other working environments. It is challenging but also really exciting. I love to move around and keep learning all the time. This graduate scheme at The London Taxi Company brings me exactly this.