• Job title current student
  • Organisation REMS, Cranfield University
  • CourseRenewable Energy Marine Structures EngD , 2018

Why did you choose Cranfield?

The Renewable Energy Marine Structures (REMS) programme, represents a perfect fit to my previous professional career. After only one dialogue with the academic staff responsible for delivery of the programme I was sure that it is the right choice . The perfect fit regarding topic, being surrounded by well-regarded specialists in the field and Cranfield’s flexibility towards engagement in the industry whilst pursuing the highest academic degree were the strongest arguments for me to apply for the EngD programme.

What was Cranfield's impact

I’d recommend the REMS programme to those engineers in the offshore wind energy industry striving for a professional and personal development towards a multi-facetted expertise in an international environment.

As an engineer, the development of technical skills always helps to get involved in more interesting and challenging projects. The wider qualifications gained at Cranfield (e.g. management, presentation, project management skills) are a great basis for elaborating also professional opportunities outside the usual engineering scope.