• Job title IT Project Manager
  • Organisation Ford Motor Company
  • CourseManagement and Information Systems MSc , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I - funny enough - grew up here as a child when my parents studied here, and I've come back and I'm the next generation to graduate through it myself. They benefited from it and I have myself, so definitely do it if you are thinking about it.

Do it aside from Cranfield, even the master’s, do it - it opens up so many doors for employment going forward, and Cranfield’s a great, great experience

What was Cranfield's impact

The industry collaboration. In my group project I got a chance to work with BT and then for my individual project I devised my own thesis project with Virgin - the name ‘Cranfield’ gives you those opportunities to work with industry partners and have that opportunity to influence industry whilst also completing your course which is really great.