Why did you choose Cranfield?

Resource depletion due to over exploitation and the huge amount of waste being produced worldwide is an increasing problem for the environment and our own health and safety. Legislation is getting tougher on that. Industries and other organisations are considering this problem in order to meet the regulations and better compete in the market in terms of eco-friendly products.

For me, opting for this course meant having the possibility after Cranfield to contribute in making our planet a better place to live. Cranfield is a well-reputed university, with close links with the industries, high teaching and learning standards and a great environment to make the most of the course. In addition to that I could receive a Women in Business and Technology Scholarship of £10,000 pounds to support my studies, and this course, which is one of the very few offered by UK universities, is officially accredited by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

What was Cranfield's impact

Cranfield is a well known and reputed University with close links to various important industries. During the year there are lots of opportunities to meet potential employers through seminars, conferences and workshops.

Cranfield Careers Service offers great career advice and CV checks by appointment to any student who requests it. Students are also notified of current jobs available via the University email address. Cranfield Careers Service also supports alumni for up to three years after graduation. So if I have any problem with my job or need advice, I know who I can contact. Seminars are also given on how to make the best use of LinkedIn and other social devices.