• Job title Renewable Energy Marine Structures PhD Student
  • Organisation Centre for Doctoral Training, Cranfield University
  • CourseRenewable Energy Marine Structures PhD Student, Centre for Doctoral Training , 2020

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I have two friends who studied at Cranfield, one who studied a management masters and another who is studying a PhD. They both recommended the University very highly and said that all the jobs they’d had after the degree were as a result of contacts they’d met from Cranfield. The biggest attraction for me was how well the university is connected with industry. I’ve already made several contacts in my industry as a result of a conference Cranfield organised and from a group project.

What was Cranfield's impact

I like that there are ‘cohorts’, which has led to a lot of comradery in the doctorate program. I like the conferences we have, the group project and the level of contact with industry.

I’d recommend the course to anyone with an interest in engineering. Wind turbine engineering is a fairly holistic field so it’s useful to be a well-rounded engineer to fully appreciate all aspects of it.

I think it will help my career by allowing me to take charge of projects by having a strong technical and also managerial skill set.