• Job title Mechanical Engineer
  • Organisation Stako, a subsidiary of Worthington Industries
  • CourseComputational Engineering Design option - MSc in Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

My favourite thing about Cranfield is the atmosphere. It’s very calm here, you can focus on your education and learning, but you can also meet a lot of great people. Studying abroad has improved my language skills, and at Cranfield I’ve learned about new technologies in terms of design or doing engineering analysis simulations, so I think it’s definitely helped me.

What’s your message for people thinking about coming to Cranfield?

I would definitely recommend coming to Cranfield because it’s quite an experience. You can meet new people and expand your boundaries. I was shy when I studied in Poland, and I think Cranfield helped me to improve my social and engineering skills. I hope to come back here in the future myself.