• Job title Structural System Engineer
  • Organisation Mercedes AMG F1
  • CourseAdvanced Motorsport Engineering MSc , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

One of the best career decisions I made was choosing to attend Cranfield University. I chose to study the MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering as the course has a very strong reputation within motorsport. The connections to industry via alumni and the advisory board enabled me to network within the industry I wanted to work in and gave me great connections for my future career.

Cranfield is a postgraduate-only university so I felt I was a part of a group of like-minded people, who were focused, driven and wanted the best education they could get to give them the best possible chance at their dream job in motorsport.

What was Cranfield's impact?

The advanced motorsport course gave me great access to facilities previously unavailable to me such as off-road Vehicle dynamics testing, Wind tunnels and fully equipped composites labs. These were fantastic to help build my knowledge and practically further my understanding of the principles being taught.

The Group design project and individual thesis projects are in conjunction with companies in the industry. This gave me a fantastic sense of what was required by industry and what I would need to do to work at such a high level.