• CourseStrategic Marketing MSc

What was Cranfield's impact

The Marketing Consultancy Project was helpful because we were put into a team of five people, all of us coming from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience. There were times when we had different opinions and we had a very limited amount of time. It was a very big challenge.

We learnt in our management theories how difficult it is for a manager to deal with such problems when you have to come up with a decision when you have very limited time. We were able to apply all this theory when we took part in the Marketing Consultancy Project and it was very helpful. Throughout the Marketing Consultancy Project we were able to test our skills and see how well we can put them into practice. We also covered a variety of subjects including advertising, budgeting, digital marketing, which we were able to put into practice.

It has been a busy year; I think the masterclasses and guest speakers were important. They allowed us to have a break from the usual routine. The guest speakers were industry experts and we had the opportunity to listen to them and ask them questions. The trips allowed us to have fun together.