• CourseForensic Investigation MSc

Why did you choose Cranfield?

There is no other course like the Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation in the UK. It has amazing facilities to get hand on experience and first hand teaching from people who deal with the examination and exploitation of scenes. I chose to go full time as I felt it was better to get my Masters as fast as possible so I could progress into either a PhD or into the working world.

 I specifically chose this course due to Steve Johnson and his reputation in CBRN, though I must add there are a number of excellent staff more than happy to help such as Chris Dyer.

What was Cranfield's impact

I would recommend my course to anyone who wants to undertake explosive investigation in either an operator/field role or to any CSI who wants to undertake a more in-depth education into the more technical aspect of hazardous scenes and the investigation into IED’s.

The world of explosive investigation is a niche one, and I feel having a degree that is specifically aimed at that role is a massive help.

My hope is to work for DSTL’s Forensic Explosive Laboratory or to take my academic career further with a PhD.