• Job title Project Manager
  • Organisation Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens
  • CourseAerospace Vehicle Design MSc , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

Definitely it was a nice experience, especially for studying aerospace because there is the airport here. This year they made the Aerospace Intergration Research Centre in collaboration with the top companies in aerospace. I think that if you want to study aerospace you should definitely come here, there is nothing else in Europe that can give you this service.

The professors are people who have worked in Airbus, Boeing, etc - they are people who are going to be the future of aerospace, so I really liked it and I would definitely recommend it. So stop thinking about it and come to Cranfield!

Did you use the careers service?

The careers service give you a great help. Before coming here I was working in the Netherlands and the format of the CV is very different to the one they use here. Cranfield University help you to do your CV, they have a very good consulting team in the careers advice so they gave me good advice.

Companies come here and explain to the students the graduate schemes and the jobs they offer. When I was studying, British Airways came to promote their vacancies and also Airbus. So I found it very good here if you want to stay in the UK and work here.

What are you doing now?

I have now returned to Greece and work in Athens in the Research Institute ICCS. I am mostly working in EU funded projects relating to autonomous vehicles. ICCS is an academic research institute, it is in the National Technical University of Athens and it's mostly related to projects with sensors or autonomous systems or automotive research projects.