• Job title Graduate Engineer
  • Organisation CH2M
  • CourseAdvanced Water Management MSc , 2016

What was Cranfield's impact

I studied environmental water management and started working right after university in CH2M, a consultancy in London. At CH2M I'm working in team 21,00, which is a project for the Environment Agency that is taking care of the flood defences in the River Thames in London.

At Cranfield we have learned a lot of things, not just technical and scientific, but we learned about ourselves and about each other. These are main things that you're going to need in your profession and in your career.

There is no doubt that an international experience is good for you. It's going to be good for your career and it's going to be good for everything around you. You're going to learn a lot and of course it's a chance to learn about yourself so, definitely I would recommend it.

What I enjoyed the most about Cranfield was the people I have met here. I'm still in contact with all of them, not just Spanish students, but international students as well and it's nice to feel that, in the UK I have a family.