• Job title Global R&D Vice President, Ice-cream, Unilever
  • Organisation Unilever
  • CourseUnilever Collaboration partner with Cranfield University

Why did you choose Cranfield?

It’s amazing that someone can start at lab technician level and through apprenticeship training, as in my own case, plot a career path, work at it, and as you get the years under your belt, find your career really takes off.

Different people mature at different rates, and this new Apprenticeship Levy is making companies consider the talent pipeline for both early and mid-career employees and those that get it right will reap fantastic benefits in the future.

Apprenticeships traditionally have been a direct route for school leavers to get into the talent pipeline. Now for a wider range of employees as apprentices they will see a company investing in them, offering job security and allowing them to express their abilities as their career develops. This fosters loyalty and a two-way trust allowing an increasing bank of knowledge that can underpin individual career growth and significantly enhance prospects for the business.