Technology enabled business solutions (TEBS) provides innovative products, solutions and consultancy that address complex business requirements.

We enable individuals and organisations to access, train, collaborate, and assess using our engaging timely and relevant knowledge. We are unique in our ability to partner expertise together with the latest technology to develop cost-effective and secure solutions that can be deployed to individuals through to whole workforces.

Our collaborative services bring together like minded individuals, working in specialist disciplines, into one virtual online space – allowing for the timely sharing of knowledge, networking opportunities, and resources in a securely managed way. 

Our track record has provided an evolving service for over eight years that has reached over 24,000 delegates and provided some 80,000 e-assessments across our training platforms.

Since the release of our events management service in November 2017 we have engaged with thousands of delegates across hundreds of organisations, providing secure access to event content and joining information.

Example projects include:

  • Secure networking and knowledge sharing platforms,
  • Corporate training platforms,
  • An event management platform,
  • Rapid content development,
  • Digital workflows,
  • Custom development.