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Who can join the chat?

The LiveChat sessions are designed to answer general questions from students who have not yet applied for postgraduate study at Cranfield. 

If you have specific course related questions or seek guidance on choosing a course or course content please contact 

The chat sessions are a great opportunity to get your questions answered on the spot! Our enquiries team will be online to answer your questions live over the course of the hour long session.

Who will you chat with?

Name Role Topics covered
TBC  Current Student Ambassador  Student life, Application process

 Current Student Ambassador  Student life, Application process

 International Student Adviser  Funding opportunities, Visas

 Lettings Manager  Accommodation

 Campus Services Administrator  Accommodation

 Enquiries Assistant  Application process, Student Support
   International Development Manager  Application process, Visas
   Admissions Executive  Application process, Visas

How do I join the chat?

To chat with one of our representatives please visit this page during the specified time slots and sign-in using the LiveChat window which should appear at the bottom of the screen. Please indicate the nature of your question and our Enquiries team will direct you to the most appropriate person to answer your questions. During the chat you may ask to speak with another agent too, we can transfer you to one or more of the other representatives. 

How long will the chat last?

The chat will be responsive to your needs and take as long as you need. There may be instances where we can't answer your questions and will follow-up with you afterwards by email. If the chat sessions get busy there may be short queues to speak with some representatives, you may choose to wait or to leave a message and we can respond to you afterwards.

Can I chat with other students?

You won't be able to chat with other pre-applicant enquirers (students who haven't commenced their study at Cranfield yet) during the chat session but you can ask to chat with our student ambassadors who are current students in a variety of fields.

Please note the chat sessions are not course specific

Course directors and lecturers will not be present – if you have questions about a course or have already applied and are waiting to hear about your offer, please contact