This fast paced, half-day course introduces you to Microsoft Excel. You'll learn how to build spreadsheets, enter formulas, learn about absolute and relative cell referencing, and how to build and edit charts.

Please be aware that while the course covers most of the syllabus for ICDL Spreadsheets module, some additional learning may be needed.

Who should attend?

Anyone intending to sit the ICDL Spreadsheets module assessment or those simply looking for an introduction to Microsoft Excel.

Course outline

Getting started

  • Creating and opening workbooks;
  • Modifying worksheets and adjusting settings;
  • Inserting data;
  • Selecting and editing data;
  • Sorting data.

Formulas and functions

  • Creating simple formulas;
  • Using the SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX and MIN functions;
  • Using AutoFill;
  • Using Relative and Absolute cell references;
  • Creating a simple IF statement.


  • Applying different formats to cells eg currency, number;
  • Adding borders and shading to cells.


  • Creating charts using the Chart Wizard;
  • Amending existing charts.

Preparing output

  • Adding headers and footers to spreadsheets;
  • Changing page orientation;
  • Printing selected parts of a spreadsheet.


Delegates will be expected to have basic keyboard and mouse skills, although no experience of Microsoft Excel is required.