We have signed up to Eduroam, which enables all of our students, researchers and staff to have secure internet access from any other participating institution worldwide using their university network username and password. 

The Eduroam system uses the same wireless protocols that are used on campus and is therefore more secure than using a hotspot in a café or hotel. Many major universities worldwide are members of the scheme, although coverage is best in Europe. 

Connecting to the Eduroam network is free of charge. Each institution makes its network available on a reciprocal basis.

For more information please see the Eduroam website.

How do I set up and configure my device to use Eduroam elsewhere?

Configuring your laptop or smartphone to use Eduroam

You will need to configure your device to connect to Eduroam before you leave the Cranfield campus. The easiest way to do this is to connect to the network called 'Setup Cranfield Wireless'. Open your web browser and you will be redirected to an automated setup tool – choose Eduroam and follow the instructions. 

If the automated tool does not work on your device you will need to configure it manually. Please see the instructions on the intranet for further information. (Please note that this link will only be available on campus or via the extranet). 

When you are at another institution

All participating institutions will advertise that they provide access to the Eduroam wireless network. If you have configured your laptop to connect to Eduroam at Cranfield it should work straight away without the need for further configuration when you connect to it again from elsewhere.

To see whether Eduroam is available at an institution you intend to visit, please go to the Eduroam website.

If you have problems connecting to the network, please contact the Cranfield IT Service Desk in the first instance. Only contact support staff at the institution you are visiting if service desk staff ask you to do this.

Terms and conditions

All users should note that, in addition to being bound by Cranfield University’s IT Users Policy, use of Eduroam indicates acceptance of the Eduroam (UK) Policy conditions and of any Acceptable Use Policy or other conditions imposed by the site you are visiting. The latter should be available on their website. In the event of conflict between different policies, the more restrictive one applies.

Information for campus visitors wishing to use Eduroam

If your institution is a participating member of Eduroam, you should be able to connect to the Eduroam wireless network on the Cranfield campus. Just use the same username and password you use to log on to your home institution's network.

Eduroam locations

Eduroam is available in the majority of locations on the Cranfield campus, although it is not available within student accommodation as this has a separate wireless network. If you are staying on campus in Mitchell Hall, Eduroam can be accessed within the bar area and in premium visitor rooms. If you are staying in the Cranfield Management Development Centre, please use their wireless network, details of which are available from Reception.

Eduroam is not available at Cranfield University at Shrivenham.

Technical information

Eduroam at Cranfield uses WPA2/AES only. This information may be of use to your home institution support desk if you are unsure of their Eduroam requirements.


If you need help setting up Eduroam on your device, please contact IT support staff at your own institution in the first instance. If it is then determined that there is a local Cranfield problem our IT Service Desk will be happy to help you.

Acceptable use policy

By using Eduroam at Cranfield you agree to abide by the terms of the IT Users Policy. This is in addition to the Eduroam (UK) policy and to any policies imposed by your own institution.

Visitors from non-Eduroam sites

Guest access is available to our network for bona fide visitors. Please ask your Cranfield University host to contact the IT Service Desk for help to get you connected.