These sessions provide the formal testing for all ECDL and ECDL Advanced modules. Please contact us when you are ready to take a test to arrange a mutually convenient time.

You will need to pass a test for each of the seven modules. The tests are 45 minutes in length and will be sat under normal test conditions. We provide an automated test system so you will find out your result as soon as you have completed a test.

Once you have registered, you have three years from the date you pass your first test to complete all seven tests.

To successfully complete the ECDL Advanced course, you will need to pass a one hour exam for each module, consisting of approximately 20 practical questions.

Unless you are a member of University staff, you will be asked to provide two forms of identification prior to sitting each test. One must be in the form of photo ID (e.g. passport, driving licence) and the other must confirm your address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement). This is a requirement enforced by the BCS and you will not be able to sit a test without them.

If you fail any of your tests, you are welcome to discuss any areas of concern with your invigilator before booking a resit. You also have the opportunity to complete a diagnostic test prior to sitting any or all of your assessments. Diagnostic tests are invaluable in preparing you for the test experience and for identifying possible weak areas of knowledge.

If you have any learning or disability support needs, requests for reasonable adjustments must be made to the Test Centre Manager and approved by the BCS before you may sit a test. These may include (but are not limited to) granting additional time, using assistive technology or using a translation dictionary if English is not your first language. Please let us know your requirements at least four weeks before you sit your first test. Any special arrangements will then remain in place for subsequent tests.

You must be registered for the ECDL registered and have paid the BCS registration and test fees and have at least one paid exam in hand before booking. Candidates should ensure that their knowledge and skills meet the standards required of the ECDL syllabus.