If you are interested in developing your own core IT skills, or if you have staff that would benefit from improving theirs, we can help you achieve this internationally recognised qualification.

Who can complete the ECDL?

Anyone is welcome to complete their ECDL with us – University staff and students, businesses and members of the public. We deliver training sessions in support of ECDL modules and are also an Approved Test Centre. Please get in touch with us for more information.

What does the ECDL involve?

There are two qualifications – the ECDL and the ECDL Advanced. They are updated periodically by the ECDL Foundation to ensure they reflect developments in IT skills. You can just complete the ECDL or you can choose to progress to the ECDL Advanced. In the UK, the ECDL is managed by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Read the ECDL syllabus

Read the ECDL Advanced syllabus 

You are not required to attend any formal training courses before taking your ECDL tests. However, many candidates appreciate training in areas where they are less experienced. We develop our face-to-face Microsoft Office courses to support the ECDL syllabi. We offer a range of comprehensive user manuals to supplement our classroom-based courses and for self-paced study.

What tests do I need to take?

To achieve the ECDL you will need to pass a test for each of the modules. The tests are 45 minutes in length and will be sat under normal test conditions. We provide an automated test system so you will find out your result as soon as you have completed a test. You also have the opportunity to complete a diagnostic test prior to sitting any or all of your assessments. Diagnostic tests are invaluable in preparing you for the test experience and for identifying possible weak areas of knowledge.

To successfully complete the ECDL Advanced, you will need to pass a one hour exam for each module, consisting of approximately 20 practical questions.

How much does it cost?

University staff and students:

Training courses in support of ECDL modules are offered free, but there is cost for registration and testing. ECDL fees are £110 including registration and seven tests. ECDL Advanced fees are £45 per test. Additional charges apply for resits.

External candidates:

We offer two packages for the ECDL:

Option 1: £75 including registration and one test. Subsequent tests £25 per test.
Option 2: £200 including registration and seven tests.

ECDL Advanced fees are £65 per test.

Additional charges apply for resits and attending our training courses. Please contact us for further details.

Registering for the ECDL qualification

You will need to be registered with the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, to undertake the ECDL qualification. We can do this on your behalf when you fill in our registration form. You have three years from the date you pass your first test to complete all seven ECDL tests. We will register you once we have received your fees.