The websites (URLs) listed on this page need to be accessible to Cranfield apprentices for their studies.

Using an employer computer (a device that is managed by an employer organisation)

Sometimes an organisation’s IT security policy restricts access to certain websites. So, we recommend that employers test website access as soon as possible. If sites are inaccessible then please liaise with your IT team, who should be able to help.

Your organisation may also apply Microsoft tenancy restrictions to their corporate devices, blocking your ability to log in to our teaching resources. To allow access Cranfield University will need to be added as a trusted tenant by your IT team, using the information below.

Tenancy name:
Tenancy ID: 31dca259-f714-4c48-ba5c-aa96dcf60aaa.

Using a personal computer (a device that is owned and managed by an employee)

We also recommend that access to the websites below is tested as soon as possible. If any of the sites are inaccessible then it’s likely there is a configuration setting on the employee’s personal device preventing access.

Domains marked with * will be needed for induction.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact

All of * with some specifics listed below. *

Maytas Hub

Cranfield virtual PC (we appreciate apprentices being able to download the local client if possible)

Student records system (SITS)

Cranfield student email

Cranfield Microsoft Teams


BKB (functional skills)

Talis Aspire

Canvas *
Most of the domains listed in:



Respondus (remote proctoring)








Other (Cranfield IT support videos)