Areas of expertise

Development and Learning


Warren has a MA in Psychology (Dundee), and a MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences (UCL). He has worked as a journalist and editor in current affairs and academic settings (New Africa Analysis, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences) and in behavioural and clinical psychology research (GAIA Group, University of Bristol) and as an associate lecturer in psychology (The Open University). He also has a range of experience in the public and private sectors. Warren speaks Afrikaans, Spanish and German fairly well, in addition to a working knowledge of Portuguese. His interests include team and individual sports and games, travel, languages and international affairs.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Professor Richard Kwiatkowski

Coalitions and cognition in British Members of Parliament.

Sector: Politics

Research methods: Mixed

Why I chose Cranfield: Cranfield offered me the opportunity to work alongside my supervisor, a respected academic and practitioner with an innovative approach to political psychology, on a very interesting, emerging and inter-disciplinary topic as part of an on-going research project. Cranfield is second-to-none in their ability to combine academic with practical, impact-based research, and I was happy to be part of and learn from this community.