MA Leadership Studies (Exeter)

MSc Managing organisational performance (Cranfield), PhD Organic chemistry (UCC)


Senior management with over fifteen years experience in supply chain, change management and business improvement within the pharmaceutical, construction and FMCG sectors

Research Topic

Third mission activities of the university

Research Issue

The knowledge economy privileges the university as an engine of economic growth and many universities are developing a capability to generate societal impact through so-called “third mission” activities.  However, many gaps remain in our understanding of the individual, organisational, inter-organisational, systemic and policy-level factors that influence the co-development and transfer of knowledge between universities and firms.  In this research, I am investigating how universities navigate these uncertainties and introduce new business models designed to meet changed expectations regarding societal benefit while maintaining academic excellence


Life sciences, engineering & management

Research Methods

Qualitative & quantitative

Theoretical Perspective

Business models and inter-organisational knowledge transfer

Why I Chose Cranfield

I chose Cranfield because of its commitment to converting knowledge into practice and its national and  international links

Published Papers

Maguire, A. R; Kelleher, L. L. (1997), "Enantioselective introduction of a benzenesulfonylmethyl substituent at an unactivated carbon atom via chemoenzymatic methods", Tetrahedron Letters, 38(42):7459-7462
Maguire, A. R; Kelleher, L. L.; Ferguson, G. (1996), " Efficient kinetic resolution of 2-benzenesulfonylcyclopentanone derivatives", Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 1(3-6):115-126.