Jenny Robinson


Jennifer Robinson

Part time PhD, 2015 cohort


Emergent leadership allows organizations to be agile, resilient and innovative

At heart emergent leadership is the spontaneous and symbiotic leading that occurs anywhere in an organization, regardless of level or positional hierarchy.  It is not the product of one person, but of many and its strength lies in the web of cognition that can be stretched across geography and discipline.  This capacity to work across a group where it is more than the sum of its parts gives this form of leadership unique depth, breadth and energy.

My research focus is on how this is activated and sustained in organizations as they prepare for future shocks, further ambiguity, hyper volatility.

Research Topic

Mindfulness and Emergent Leadership

Research Issue

What is the effect of collective mindfulness on emergent leadership?

Research Methods

Mixed methods.

  • Pre and post measures of mindfulness.
  • Solomon four-group design.
  • Quasi experimental, naturalistic setting.
  • Using elicitation interviews at group-level of analysis.

Theoretical Perspective

Pragmatism: allowing a blend of social constructionist and positivist world views.  Providing a social and processual ontology where causality is not sought.

Published Papers

“More dynamic than you think: Hidden aspects of decision-making”

Marta Sinclair, Jutta Tobias, Jenny Robinson, and Ellen Choi (submitted)

“Quiet Leadership: Tales From the Other Fifty Percent.  Theory and Practice Insights” Academy of Management 2017 accepted submission

“A text-mediated micro-diary research approach: what do we learn?” Development submission in consideration for British Academy of Management Conference 2017

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MSc – Organisational Behaviour

(Department of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck University) 1999

MSc – Mindfulness-Based Interventions

(Department of Psychology, Bangor University) 2015


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